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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Apr 23 Labrador Retriever Missing , please help 136 NW English, IN $0 NO
Apr 21 Border Collie Border Collie puppies for sale 132 S Ringgold, GA $300
Apr 19 Pomeranian Pomeranian Puppiess for free Adoption 207 S Atlanta, GA $250
Apr 17 Poodle AKC Large Toy/Small Miniature Poodles 233 E Troutman, NC $650
Apr 16 Poodle Poodle - Toys 280 SE Marshville, NC $500
Apr 16 Pomeranian CKC Pomeranian pupy fo sale 136 NE Olive Hill, KY $300
Apr 16 Any ICCF MALE CANE CORSO FOR STUD 248 SE Charlotte, NC $1000
Apr 14 Pit Bull Gotty Razors Edge Pit Bull Puppies 193 SE Greenville, SC $450
Apr 13 Rottweiler ROTTWEILER PUPS FOR SALE 219 N New Carlisle, OH $600
Apr 8 Boxer 4 m/o M Boxer 290 E Asheboro, NC $350
Apr 7 Chihuahua Long Haired Apple Head Chihuahuas 237 W Jackson, TN $250
Apr 6 Boston Terrier Perfect Easter gift 218 E Roaring River, NC $400
Apr 3 Bull Terrier Bull Terriers 207 SE Belton, SC $1200
Apr 3 Dachshund mini dachshund puppy wanted 166 NW Evansville, IN $0 NO
Apr 1 Rottweiler Female Rottweiler 141 E Johnson City, TN $0
Mar 30 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever Adorable Puppies 79 SW Hartsville, TN $250
Mar 24 German Shepherd Dog German shepherd puppies 8 weeks old for 201 S Atlanta, GA $0
Mar 24 Chihuahua Insert title here. 298 S Columbus, GA $0
Mar 22 American Eskimo Dog CKC Miniature American Eskimo Pup- 1left 140 W Clarksville, TN $450
Mar 22 Shih Tzu yorkies/shih-tzu mixed puppies 250 SE Charlotte, NC $450
Mar 22 Yorkshire Terrier CKC reg tiny toy yorkies 250 SE Charlotte, NC $900
Mar 22 German Shepherd Dog AKC German shepherd puppies 271 SE Stanfield, NC $250
Mar 21 Dachshund 2 lost Dashaunds in Edmonton, KY 105 N Louisville, KY $0 NO
Mar 20 Dachshund AKC MINIATURE DACHSHUND 38 E Williamsburg, KY $350
Mar 17 German Shepherd Dog AKC German Shepherd Puppies 271 SE Stanfield, NC $500
Mar 16 Maltese ckc maltese male puppy 151 SE Asheville, NC $450 NO
Mar 15 Any AKC Miniature Schnauzer Puppies 126 E Gate City, VA $0
Mar 15 Miniature Pinscher Beautiful Miniature Pinscher Puppy CKC 173 NE Huntington, WV $300 NO
Mar 13 Other bugg puppies for sale 162 NE Ashland, KY $200 NO
Mar 13 Other bugg puppies for sale 162 NE Ashland, KY $200
Mar 7 English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniels 142 W Clarksville, TN $500
Mar 5 Yorkshire Terrier Adorable Akc yorkie puppy 271 SE Lancaster, SC $750
Feb 27 Labrador Retriever Labrador Retriever Black Female 265 SE Waxhaw, NC $900
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